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The power of Story Telling

Matty Morris has set up a powerful story telling platform that helps people far and wide. There is something about hearing the life journey of others that can both put you in your place, and make you feel at home, all at once. Matt, you helped me through dark times and continue to do so, doing what you do. Keep up this amazing platform you have built. You’ve been generous with your time and knowledge off air, which shows what an awesome person you are, and how genuine your quest to help others through this platform is. LETS GO!!!

Zero limits

Best podcast around great people and great stories. Love it keep it up boys!

Truely motivational✌🏻

Keep it up guys your both legends and awesome show it gets better each week, great to shed light on some of the awesome and inspirational work people have done.

Epic poddy

Best podcast ever! Should be recommended listening for all. Absolutely recommend 10/10

Good job guys

Awesome listen and thanks for your service lads should be proud 👍

Best thing since sliced bread....

Now.. I listen to a bunch of podcasts ..... like willy pete and Snake n Nap in Vietnam levels... This Podcast is full of motivational and self fulfilling ideals and stories that I honestly can say it has changed my mindset and given me alot of drive to smash out my goals plus it has next level banter ....... I have binged about 2 to 3 Eps a day and even re listened to a few.... Do your self a favour .... give it a listen...

Great work guys

Love the podcast guys keep up the great work. Fantastic guest all with interesting stories and backgrounds

Raw and honest accounts

This podcast features amazing stories from men at the sharp end of the spear. Matt’s relaxed and familiar interviewing style makes the episodes feel like a free flowing conversation between mates. From and ex-cavalry soldier, now copper, these stories definitely bring back some memories of Army life and resonate. Working my way through the episodes after a recent recommendation by a colleague.

Epic poddy

Awesome poddy lads. Absolutely recommend. It’s a 10!

Amazing Insight

I listened to the "Mick" Podcast from start to finish, and was totally engaged the entire time! I actually know Mick and have done for years, however I had absolutely no idea what he, and his mates, actually did as an SF Operators. Very eye opening, very proud to hear of his achievements and sacrifices first hand. I highly highly recommend this Podcast, great stuff.

Get around it!

Hands down one of the best podcasts going around, tough decision for number one spot between these guys and Scojo but 😉

Great listen

I can’t wait to next Monday !!

The best

GREAT MIX of guests from front line workers. Love the podcast, I listen while walking for my physical and mental wellbeing. You blokes have had me laughing out loud, but equally you ask the difficult questions. Love the inter-service banter that goes on too. I'm burning through an episode a day so will be disappointed when I have finally caught up! As the porn star said to nerd "keep it up"!

Thank You

Legends, thanks for everything you do

Hectic Podcast!

Awesome poddy with absolutely unreal guests!!!! Cannot walk away without feeling like you can dominate anything you set your mind to. Keep up the good work legends!!


Aussie version of the Cleared Hot & Mike Drop podcasts. Awesome guests and Matt does a great job as an interviewer!

Best Australian podcast out there

Frequent unique context with stories from around the globe

Absolutely epic

You lads are doing a magnificent job! These podcasts just keep getting better and better and so inspiring!! Keep up the great work, I can’t get enough of these

Love it lads!

Great podcast, an awesome insight into the lives of these unreal blokes. Love the banter too. Keep smashing those Kebabs big Shaneo

A rare gem

I love this podcast , You will not only get a great insight in the military services and what they endure But you will also hear some great story's and have a good laugh as well ! The 2 host are great at what they do down to earth, and quick witted , never a dull moment Highly recommended

A rare gem

I love this podcast Great guests great story's and some very good laughs It's brilliant The host are great very natural they are good at guiding the conversation keeping the listener in the loop but most importantly they are not pretentious very down to earth and very funny at times , I really hope this podcast doing well as it's highly entertaining


Such a great real poddy

Best in the business

10/10 recommend

Down to earth

Great podcast boys ! Love the guests and topics you guys yarn about. Love the banter. Keep it up.

A rare gem

Great podcast You will not only get a great insight into what our men and woman endure in the military services But you will also hear some great story's and have a good belly laugh Highly recommended

Don’t write reviews

Had to write something You guys are legends. Best podcast out there. Genuine, inspiring etc Keep it going

Absolute game changer

This podcast has helped me get through some tough sessions in the gym lately and stories that are being told are so motivating!


Great content. Good laugh as well

Gents. How are we.

Shane is a good mate of mine and blimey, didn’t know he had this sort of piss in him. Keep it up ya dark horse this is a pearla of a podcast. Yeah nah yeah what a treat gennelmen. Get round it. - Clayto

Great content

5/5 would recommend. Great content 🤘🏾