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Sept. 15, 2021

Ep. 29 Christian "Boo" Boucousis former RAAF Fighter Pilot and Professional Speaker

Ep. 29 Christian

On today's Zero Limits Podcast we speak to Christian Boucousis better known as "Boo", Boo is a former RAAF Fighter Pilot, successful business owner and now professional speaker.

Boo was selected for pilot training in the Royal Australian Air Force at the age of 18, successfully graduating as a fighter pilot, one of only 400 fighter pilots trained over a period of 40 years, achieving my life's dream of flying a F/A-18 solo at the age of 21.

After 11 years of service, Boo was medically discharged after a diagnosis of "bone-fusing" Ankylosing Spondylitis, ending his dream career and presenting with one of the biggest emotional and financial challenges of his life.

With no other skills other than flying, Boo took a leap of faith to enter the business world, travelling to Afghanistan to establish what is today one of the world's largest humanitarian service providers, CTG Global. As a founder and CEO of a multi-million dollar enterprise, Boo considered this period of my life as the ultimate MBA program.

From walking the halls of the UN in New York and Geneva to sharing life experiences with local Afghans, Boo developed a true understanding of purpose, empathy, determination, and the importance of service leadership when running a complex business.

From Afghanistan, Boo returned to Australia to establish Mode Developments, a property development business founded to build the world's first prefabricated high-rise hotel, the $42 million Peppers King Square Hotel in Perth. Using technology which he likes to call grown-up "Lego" the business set new records for high-rise construction, building a full floor each day!

In 2015 Boo experienced an epiphany whilst listening to an inspiring keynote delivered by a good friend and Afterburner speaker. In that moment, Boo realised the $15 million dollar training program Boo participated in as a fighter pilot equipped me with the skills to achieve his business success. This moment inspired Boo to become a Partner within the Afterburner eco-system and share these secrets to success with others as a custodian of the "fighter pilot way".

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