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March 12, 2023

Ep. 90 Andrew Murphy aka RAPTOR 13 former NSW Police Officer

Ep. 90 Andrew Murphy aka RAPTOR 13 former NSW Police Officer

On today's Zero Limits Podcast I sit down with Andrew Murphy aka Raptor 13 former NSW Police Officer.  Murphy spent just over 20 years serving as a NSW Police officer with multiple secondments to different sectors within the Police which includes general duties, operational service group (OSG), water police, highway patrol, licensing and strike force raptor. Murphy was involved in a serious vehicle accident with another officer which almost took his life with a extensive recovery period however post incident he continued to serve as a police officer and getting involved in multiple incidents like Macquarie Fields riots, Cronulla Riots and being the first responder to a shooting murder at a fruit market in Sydney's west. Strike Force Raptor was established in 2009 and conducts proactive investigations and intelligence-based, high-impact policing operations to prevent and disrupt conflicts, and dismantle any network engaged in serious organised criminal activity. Murphy joined the strike force operations which led to heavy mainstream media criticism of his policing heavy handed tactics and members of the public wanting him sacked. Every story has two sides. Let's GO!

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