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Feb. 12, 2023

Ep. 85 Joe Piersante former DEA Special Agent (FAST TEAM) - Shot in the head in Afghanistan

Ep. 85 Joe Piersante former DEA Special Agent (FAST TEAM) - Shot in the head in Afghanistan

On today's Zero Limits Podcast we chat with Joe Piersante a 23-year veteran of the United States Department of Justice, Drug Enforcement Administration and provides presentations on overcoming adversity. During his time with the DEA, Special Agent Piersante was assigned to complex narcotics investigations, clandestine laboratory investigations and deployed with a DEA’s Foreign Advisory Support Team (FAST). Assigned to a Delta Team for three tours to Afghanistan and Honduras.

While serving on a counter narcotics mission in Afghanistan, Joe survived a Taliban PKM machine gun round through the frontal lobe which left him blind.  Special Agent Piersante was approximately 10 meters from the rear of the helicopter when he was subsequently hit by enemy fire. The round penetrated his ballistic helmet, entered above his right eye and exited above his left eye, and he was immediately rendered unconscious and fell to the ground.

Special Agent Poortinga positioned himself at the rear of the helicopter and continued laying down suppressive fire as Special Agent Piersante was being assisted into the helicopter. He instinctively put himself in harm’s way and returned fire until all personnel were onboard the helicopter. As the helicopter took off, Special Agents Vanderbilt, Johnson, and Harris immediately rendered first aid to Special Agent Piersante and controlled his bleeding, maintained an open airway, and stabilized him. Special Agent Piersante was eventually transferred to the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Richmond, Virginia for continued treatment and rehabilitation. Lets GO!

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