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Feb. 26, 2023

Ep. 87 Dave Parker 2nd Commando Regiment - Australian Special Forces

Ep. 87 Dave Parker 2nd Commando Regiment - Australian Special Forces

On today's Zero Limits Podcast we chat to Dave Parker former 2nd Commando Regiment operator. Dave joined the army reserves in 1999 and whilst at Kapooka he decided to join the regular army within the infantry and was posted to then 4RAR later becoming the 2nd Commando Regiment. Dave completed his reinforcement cycle in 2003 with the unit still establishing a special forces capability. Dave deployed on his first rotation to Afghanistan on SOTG 5 (Special Operations Task Group) then following onto SOTG 9. Between rotations Dave spent time on the counter terrorism teams Tactical Assault Group East. In 2011 Dave deployed on his final deployment to Afghanistan working alongside the Drug Enforcement Administration from the United States.  From previous episode with DEA Agent Joe Piersante, Joe was shot in the head by a 7.62 PKM AP taliban round whilst on a joint operation with a 2CDO element. After seeing Joe collapse face first into the ground the team initially though he tripped however it was soon apparent he was shot. Dave dragged Joe's unconscious body onto the helo realising that he sustained a through and through gunshot wound to the head and rendered combat casualty care after establishing that he was still alive. Dave is owner operator of @pastoutdoors Manufacturer and retailer of ultralight hiking, camping and expedition equipment. Full service retail store and expert advice #pastoutdoors. Let's GO!

Cam's Cause is a registered charity created in the name of CPL Cameron Baird VC MG. It is run by a mix of civilians and members of the 2nd Commando Regiment and exists to support current and ex-serving Commandos and their families. Cam's Cause works closely with the Commando Welfare Trust; the distinction being that the CWT supports the wider SOCOMD community, where Cam's Cause only supports ECN 079 Commandos. Head to www.camscause.org or head to Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn

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