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March 15, 2023

Ep. 91 Nick Hill Australian Army Special Forces, 2nd Commando Regiment Warrant Officer

Ep. 91 Nick Hill Australian Army Special Forces, 2nd Commando Regiment Warrant Officer

On today's Zero Limits Podcast I chat with former Australian Army Special Forces, 2nd Commando Regiment, Warrant Officer Nick Hill. Nick served in Malaysia, East Timor, Iraq and Afghanistan as well as being deployed to other countries including Egypt, Israel and the United States of America. Nick spent his twenty-five-year career (1989-2014) predominately in the 2nd Commando Regiment. Nick was selected to be part of the stand-up of Tactical Assault Group – East (TAG-E). In late January of 2002 Nick was sent to SASR in Perth to begin the 1st Advanced Close Quarter Battle (ACQB) course with 30 other members of 4 Cdo and 10 RAN CD’s. Nick successfully completed the ACQB Cse with 15 others, 9 Cdo’s and 6 Cd’s, and became the Plank holders of TAG-E.  Nick deployed to Afghanistan as the CSM of Bravo Commando Company (BCCG) from July 2011 – February 2012 Special Operations Task Group, Rotation XVI . During that deployment BCCG conducted over 80 Combat Operations in Urazghan, Zabul, Kandahar and Helmand Provinces. Over 90% of the Operations were conducted by Helicopter with support from CH47-D Chinooks from B Coy, 1-52 Avn Regt, Apache & Blackhawks 3-101 Avn Regt, CH53-Es from HMH 464, 2nd US Marine Air Wingand the Afghan Arial Interdiction Unit, (Mi-17s).  Conducting mostly Counter Narcotic mission known as Nexus Operations or as they called it Operation Markha Niwel or simply “Counter Narc Ops” – The Targeting of The Intersection Of Criminal And Taliban Networks with the DEA’s FAST (Foreign Advisory Support Teams). THe company spent much of these missions in the bad lands of Helmand Province, specifically the Kajaki Sofala and Northern Helmand area. By the end of the Rotation, Commandos had destroyed an estimated $1billion worth of Heroin (US Street Value). We became known as Billion Dollar Bravo.

Cam's Cause is a registered charity created in the name of CPL Cameron Baird VC MG. It is run by a mix of civilians and members of the 2nd Commando Regiment and exists to support current and ex-serving Commandos and their families. Cam's Cause works closely with the Commando Welfare Trust; the distinction being that the CWT supports the wider SOCOMD community, where Cam's Cause only supports ECN 079 Commandos. Head to www.camscause.org or head to Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn

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