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April 5, 2023

Ep. 97 Ric Prado CIA Paramilitary Operations Officer - Black Ops

Ep. 97 Ric Prado CIA Paramilitary Operations Officer - Black Ops

On today's Zero Limits Podcast I chat with Ric Prado retired CIA Paramilitary Operations Officer. 

Ric witnessed a firefight at seven in Cuba during Fidel Castro's revolution. After his family fled, they relocated to Miami. Prado would go on to serve as an elite Pararescuemen in the Airforce and spent 24 years at the CIA, retiring at the rank of Senior Intel Service-2, the Major General equivalent at the Agency. 

He was the Deputy Chief of Station of the original Bin Laden Task Force and later served as the head of Korean Operations for the CIA. We discussed Castro and Che Guevara, his time in Nicaragua, countering terrorism in the Philippines, and tracking Bin Laden. 

His new New York Times bestselling memoir Black Ops: The Life of a CIA Shadow Officer takes a deep dive into a truly exceptional career filled with assassins, terrorists, spies and revolutionaries. Prado’s memoir highlights not only the complexities of America’s shadow wars, but the extreme courage, creativity and perseverance it takes to execute such missions inside the most demanding and hostile environments.

You can learn more about Ric Prado at ricprado.com.

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